Threaded connections are common in various industries, from plumbing to manufacturing, and they play a vital role in ensuring the integrity of fluid systems. However, even the most well-crafted threads can be vulnerable to leaks if not sealed properly. This is where thread sealants are important. Thread sealants are substances designed to seal in threaded […]

6 Crucial Steps for Brazing Safely in HVAC

Ambro Controls Oxyset on table

Brazing plays a crucial role in assembling HVAC systems, from connecting refrigerant lines to joining heat exchanger components. Without proper safety precautions, brazing can lead to accidents, injuries, and compromised system performance. Let’s dive into six crucial steps for brazing safely in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration work.   #1 Always Have PPE on Hand […]

Ambro Controls Oxyset Pro v.s. Precision Torch – 4 Key Differences

A photo of the Oxyset welding torch (left) and the precision torch (right) in hands

Ambro Controls has been innovating how HVAC technicians braze, purge, charge and seal HVAC systems. With the launch of the viral Oxyset Mobile Brazing System, HVAC technicians and tradespeople could weld and braze with an ultra-portable and lightweight kit. Over the last few months, Ambro Controls announced the launch of their Precision Torch – an […]

Why HVAC Technicians are Ditching Oxy-Acetylene

For HVAC technicians, work can be physically demanding. We know you often have to lift heavy equipment, climb ladders and work in cramped spaces, including attics, plant rooms, on roofs, and in crawl spaces under houses. You may also be exposed to hazardous fumes and dust. Harsh weather conditions can also wreak havoc for plumbers […]

R290 Refrigerant: What HVAC Techs Need to Know

Ambro Controls R290 on table

Traditional refrigerants such as R22, have been widely used in various cooling systems for decades. However, many traditional refrigerants have proven to be harmful to the environment. This article focuses on the R290 refrigerant, what it is used to replace and the pros and cons.  In this blog post, we’ll be covering: The Phase Out […]