The new way to Braze

Product Features

The Oxyset - An Innovative Way to Braze

Mobile brazing system designed with the HVAC service tech front of mind.

  • Lightweight construction makes the unit easier to carry than existing brazing setups
  • Torch, regulator & hose design makes the oxyset easier to use than existing brazing setups
  • The compact design leads to a small footprint meaning the oxyset takes up less space in your truck

Ultra-portable, contractor-grade brazing system

  • One-Third the Weight and half the size of oxy-acetylene set ups
  • Uses Map//Pro gas and pre-filled oxygen
  • No need to re-fill cylinders
  • All without sacrificing performance!

Brazing Made Easy

Easy to Read Gauges

Map-Pro Regulator with flow gauge

  • Set your fuel flow exactly where you need it. Precise control enables the flame to suit many applications

Oxygen Regulator with content & flow gauge

  • The flow gauge allows precise settings to conserve oxygen - only use what you need. The contents gauge lets you know exactly when you will need to change cylinders so you don't get any surprises
One handed control
  • The ergonomically designed, lightweight, torch handle has been precision engineered to allow one-handed control, so your other hand is free to hold solder or other work material. The fuel control knob sits to the right of the handle for easy adjustment while the oxygen control knob sits underneath the handle
Lightweight caddy
  • Lightweight design with portability front of mind - with cylinders included, the kit only weighs 13.5lbs
  • Durable, flame resistant construction
  • Strap included that allows the cylinders to fit securely into the caddy making transport easier
  • Easily carry the kit up a ladder or into an attic with the lightweight characteristic at 13.5lbs
Additional Kit Inclusions
  • Check valves are supplied in the kit which adds safety against flashbacks
  • Two tips are included with the tip - size 3 and 5 - which allows versatility of application
  • Spanner is included to allow you to ensure safe connections between components
  • A sparker is provided also so you can lite up immediately
Oxygen cylinder
  • 3.7 ft3 of oxygen allowing up to 25 minutes run time on tip #3
  • Working pressure of 1,595 PSI
  • M12 x 1 valve
  • Sold separately
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Ambro Controls Oxyset

Competitor Product

  • 25.7" Height 17"
  • 16.3" Width 10"
  • 38lbs Weight 13.5lbs
  • 100% Performance 100%

Oxyset Mobile Brazing &
Soldering System


Brazing Made Easy

Lightweight Design

Easy To Carry

Compact Construction

Ideal For HVACR

Professional Performance

Made tough

Kit Includes

  • 01 Portable, lightweight & compact cylinder rack
  • 02 Welding torch
  • 03 MAP-Pro™ regulator with flow gauge
  • 04 Oxygen regulator with content & pressure out gauge
  • 05 Check valves for torch end
  • 06 6.5 ft twin hose assembly
  • 07 2 nozzles
  • 08 Spanner and flint sparker
  • 09 Oxygen Cylinder available separately

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