Ambro Controls has been a core facet of the Bromic Group’s operations since its inception in 1978. Applying production techniques perfected in the supply of OEM components to global manufacturers to our holistic support of the plumbing and gas industries, becoming an international leader that designs, manufactures and distributes a diverse range of quality, technologically advanced, innovative products on a global scale. Our expertise revolves around gas based tools & applications including our Innovative Brazing Solution, Portable Lightweight Gas Cylinders, Gas Regulators, Purge Kits, Sealant & Test Equipment. Product design and quality are specifically engineered for professional environments so that contractors can rely on Bromic to get their job done.

Bromic began as an Australian supplier, now growing to have offices around the world and launching Ambro Controls, based in Los Angeles for US supply. 

As a division of the innovative and globally active Bromic Group, Ambro Controls draws upon a pool of technically talented engineers, experienced sales staff and friendly customer service representatives to support satisfaction with each and every one of their customers.



Ambro Controls supplies Wholesale and Trade Market leaders, distributing industry best brands, as well as our own extensive range of pipe & supply and gas products. With key patents and a focus on quality, Ambro Controls is the professional choice for industrial & HVAC equipment.